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NE DCMP Results Maine teams

Congratulations to the Maine teams that participated in the New England District Championship. Teams 58, 4041, 4906, 8023, and 9055 competed on the Wilson field. Teams 133, 172, 2648, 4564, 5687, 6153, and 6329 competed on the Meir field.

Team 9055 won the Rookie Inspiration award on Wilson. On Meir, Team 172 won the Industrial Design award, Tean 5687 won the Autonomous Award, Team 6153 won the Judges Award and Team 6329 won the Quality award.

Wilson field teams did not make the playoffs. Rankings are in the table below.

Meir teams did better with 5 teams making the playoffs.

Team 133 was ranked 2nd, Captain of Alliance 2 and Winner of the Meir Division. Team 172 was ranked 32nd, picked by 2nd by Alliance 7 and made it to round 2. Team 4564 was picked 2nd on Alliance 4 and was the Finalist. Team 5687 was ranked 1st , Captain Alliance 1 and made it to Round 4. Team 6329 was ranked 17th, picked 1st by Alliance 1 and made it to round 4.

Team 133 competed for the New England District Championship on the Artemis Field. (The top alliance from each Meir and Wilson played these matches.) The Meir Alliance lost the first match, won the 2nd match and lost the 3rd match by 2 points to be the Finalist for the NEDCMP.

Teams 133, 4564, 5687 and 6329 qualified for World Championships in Houston April 19-22, 2023.

Full results are .pdf file.

NE DCMP 2023 Results
Download PDF • 95KB

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