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Our Team


  • Joseph O'Brien | FIRST Robotics Competition Coach, Design Team lead, Engineering mentor

  • Adam Zimmerscheid | CNC* Expert, Manufacturing Team lead

* Computer Numerical Control encompasses the manufacturing process where machines cut, carve and form parts based on computer codes that control the cutting tool's speed and movement.​

  • Monica Allen | FIRST Robotics Competition Software Expert, financial planning

  • Joe Clark | Software developer

  • Tod Bennett | Retired software developer, mechanical engineer, firefighter

  • Justin Brackley | Design Team mentor

  • Isaac Rackliffe - Design Team mentor

  • David Fletcher | Manufacturing Team mentor

  • Jason Crocker | Manufacturing Team mentor​

  • Leah O'Brien | Business Team lead

  • Emily Jackson | Business Team mentor

  • Charlie Roberts | Business Team mentor, Fundraising

  • Liz Montoya | Branding, team travel logistics​

  • Kristi Rackliffe | Event Coordinator, Fundraising

  • Sue LeDoux | Fiber Arts Instructor: Knitting and spinning yarn; former 4-H Instructor for knitting



Joseph O'Brien


Joseph is a retired Boeing System Safety engineer for a variety of projects from Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) to Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS), where he was the first to call for an in-flight emergency for all 72 aircraft worldwide. He’s also a veteran FIRST design/technical mentor with Bear Metal Team 2046 and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


Monica Allen



Leah O’Brien


Leah is a USAF veteran, where her last assignment was flight test engineer for F-16s. She is a retired Boeing Process/Project engineer for Fabrication Safety and a veteran FIRST scouting/strategy mentor with Bear Metal Team 2046. Her strengths are organization and team management. She has a B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Human Factors Engineering.


Joe Clark


Emily Jackson


board of directors

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