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About Us

Our Vision

Leading Maine in STREAM education and training

Science Technology Robotics 

Engineering Arts Manufacturing

Maine STREAM Place, Inc. is:

A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established in Maine on 2/3/2022, to educate and prepare Maine students for higher STREAM education or training and/or to work in STREAM jobs, bringing more technology opportunities to Maine communities. 


Working With The Community

  • After school, weekend, and summer classes and certification programs (in-lieu of sports programs with time limits similar to sports programs)

  • Working with Maine businesses to understand what they want from future employees

White Structure




  • Shop Safety and housekeeping – identifying hazards (OSHA level training)

  • Design

  • Machining, Metal and composites fabrication

  • Manufacturing/Assembly

  • FIRST® Robotics competition skills

  • Engineering/Math

  • Business/Entrepreneurship

  • Introductory Level trades – Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, …..

  • Problem solving

  • Public speaking


  • Concept

  • Functions / Attributes

  • Dimensional and weight constraints

  • Stress/structural analysis (structure of a box)

  • Electrical

  • Software/programming

  • Interface control

  • Critical design

  • Testing

  • Optimizing design

Machining, Metal and Composites Fabrication
  • Machining / Techniques 

  • GCAD drawing, use the CNC machine and tooling to machine a part to defined specifications within given tolerances.

  • Metal Fabrication 

  • Given a CAD drawing, select cutting tools, drilling tools, and welding equipment

  • Composites Fabrication

Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Manufacturing / Techniques

  • Given a set of design documents, CAD drawings, prints

  • Assembly / Techniques

Traditional and Electronic Arts
  • Fiber Arts – knitting, spinning yarn, weaving

  • Graphic Arts – creating a logo, electronic drawing techniques

  • Other Arts – …

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