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Knights of Katahdin meeting times

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

FIRST Robotics Competition rookie team, Knights of Katahdin is now holding a team meeting plus training Tuesdays from 5:15-7:15PM. Additional team training is on Fridays from 3-5 PM. If you have any interest, please stop by Maine STREAM Place, Inc., 170 Route 133, Wilton, Maine 04294. If you have any questions, please email

You can also follow our team on Instagram: @knightsofkatahdin


As stated by FIRST, "FIRST® Robotics Competition teams design, program, and build a robot starting with a standard kit of parts and common set of rules to play in a themed head-to-head challenge. Teams also build a brand, develop community partnerships for support, and work to promote STEM in their local community."

We hope to bring these values to the Knights of Katahdin, and build the skill sets in our students that they can utilize through their lives.

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